Red Rover

Gosh, our world has a lot going on.

There are some big signs. Some hard swallows. Darkness peeking in where I wish it wouldn’t.

Stepping of my back porch into the country night, the pitch blackness of it can be overwhelming. But last night, as I breathed deep, I tipped my head up and came face to face with a sky-full of stars. So bright. So light. Thousands of them each telling a story of its very long ago-all the while, shining light onto today. Shining hope for today. Love for today. Each twinkling at its own pace, its own beat, its own way.

And I realize those starts are just like us.

Just Like Us. Glorious stars right down here on Earth, spreading joy and compassion and care faster than you can say Winter Solstice. I believe that.

The dark is important. But so are the stars.

So let’s get cozy. Turn toward those around us. Switch to our high beams, and dazzle the world with our love, our warmth, and our care. A smile, a hug, and every good thing we can to warm the world around us.

Wishing you the happy envelopment of every good thing,

Laura Martin, President | Red Rover Promotions

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