Meet the Red Rover Team

Laura Martin


Laura spent her early childhood eating pepperoncini from the sides of luncheon plates, pickled herring from the jar, sautéed mushrooms, and licorice ice cream. The mere suggestion that she was too young to like them was fuel for consumption. Told that a puzzle was for older kids, she’d dump every puzzle in the house into the middle of the living room and work until they were all put back together. Nothing’s ever changed. Give her a challenge that doesn’t involve physical activity and she’s all over it. Add some sautéed mushrooms for good measure.



As the only girl, Auni’s brothers would say she was born “the princess”. She lived in fluffy dresses, slept in curlers on a regular basis, and hated getting dirty while playing outside. Since outdoor sports = dirt, she decided something indoors would be more her style… dance classes. After a couple of classes and watching her first dance competition, she was hooked. She could express her creativity through movement and get dolled up in costume for performances. The rest of her childhood consisted of countless hours at the studio each day, perfecting her craft in order to be ready for weekend competitions. She is a now a recovering perfectionist, but still catches even the smallest of details.

Carrie as a child with a humidifier on her head


See that picture to the left? That’s the face of creative genius. No. Really. That’s Carrie who insisted on trying a humidifier on as a hat, though she’d been warned several times not to by the concerned adults in her life. The real beauty of this picture is based on how hard it was to get off, it must have been just as hard to get on. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned about Carrie it’s that she is persistent: tenacious even. When given a new challenge, she never says “No.” only “Let’s see what we can do!” As a kid that meant getting stuck in small appliances: as an adult it looks more like diving into software, coding languages, and design programs to make ideas become reality. Her motto is that there’s a lot to learn from every experience (even the bad ones). For instance, a humidifier is not, and we cannot stress this enough, a suitable hat for any occasion.

Jade Red Rover Team


Jade has always been described as ‘marching to the beat of her own drum’. As a child you could either find her at her desk, drawing comics on as much dot matrix printer paper as she could get her hands on, or at the park, orchestrating complex games for every kid that happened to walk by. Design was the natural path for Jade – fitting all of the moving parts together to form something both functional and beautiful is her favorite motivation.


Liz was always a very quiet child, but was always watching, listening and learning. Behind the scenes has always been her happy place (unless it was time for a ballet recital). Picking things apart so she could see how they worked and then figuring out how to piece them back together is something she’s done her whole life…whether it be a toy, a recipe, a life issue or a mathematic word problem, Liz is the girl to untangle your ball of yarn.