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Let’s begin with a story…

Before Red Rover was born, I worked for another promotional products company. They were big. They had one enormous corporate client and hired me to develop “other”. (Some of you knew me then. We were both younger, and you were an “other”). I was happy and frolicsome and filled with glee.

The blitheful frolic ended late one Friday evening, when I discovered a very important and urgent package intended to arrive in New York on Monday morning was instead making its way to Colorado.

Instead of the NYC-based production company busily wrapping and readying our client’s gifts for a 9am on Tuesday morning event, 25 MOVA globes were destined to spend Monday sitting on the shipping dock of a corporate headquarters 1778.2 miles away.

That night, my sheep busily jumped fences while I dreamed up a solution.

The gifts could be picked up by a courier in Denver on Monday morning, transported to a Papyrus store for giftwrapping and note card inscription, driven to a local FedEx store by 3:30pm, and deliver in time for the 9am Tuesday morning ribbon cutting ceremony attended by dignitaries with names like Giuliani, Cuomo and the Ambassador to France.

My boss was not delighted to receive my Saturday morning phone call. I walked him through my plan. He was still not delighted.

“Whose fault is this?” Dunno. It’s Saturday morning. It’s 2011. No computer here, Boss. Does it sound like my solution would work?

“This would cost a lot of money.” Yep. And we would uphold our promise to our client.

“Who made the mistake?” Still dunno. Does it sound like a good solution? Does this story actually need a villain? Shouldn’t the only question be how we can save our client’s event? Why is this so hard?

And now for the rest of the story.

The solution worked.

The guy who accidentally provided the MOVA globe company with the wrong shipping address lived to tell the tale.

The client presented their gifts to people with fancy titles and the production company didn’t have to wrap them.

The manager of the Papyrus store was flown to World Headquarters where the president shook her hand and hung her photo on the wall for stepping up and saving the day for us.

And I decided to open Red Rover.

A place where creating ease for our clients and our team will always matter most. Where we’ll do everything possible to make sure it all happens. Where blame has no place, and solutions will always be embraced.

Thank you for being a part of it all,

Laura Martin, President | Red Rover Promotions


Patagonia is once again allowing their garments to be decorated. Ask us for details!

Keeping You in the Loop
Rover's Corner

Dear Rover,

Wow, this tradeshow season is busy, busy, busy! Every time I turn around, there is another event, and I can’t seem to keep up. I don’t have time to organize everything, get it shipped and hope it makes it to events in time. There’s no system for tracking our inventory, and my booth is a bear to deal with!

Is there anything that the Red Rover team can do to help?

Desperate in Dallas

Dear Desperate,

Would it help if all your trade show swag (plus your booth, banners and table covers!) was kept safe and secure for you, ready for action? If you never had to sort, pack, count or recount again? What if all your merch and exhibit pieces were delivered to your booth before you ever stepped on site for setup? Imagine if all you needed to do when the show floor closes was pack up, slap on a few return labels and waltz away. Olly olly oxen, free, free, free.

Well, abracadabra, your wish just came true – here’s an example. Our team will store, ship and manage all of your swag and exhibit items, and you simply request what you need through a customized portal created just for you. It’s that easy!

With love,
Your pal, Rover (woof!)

It’s all about Ease! And we want in!

Solar Charger

Take in some Springtime sun, and let your charger do the same! This solar panel allows for environmentally friendly energy, so you’ll never be at 0%.

Seed Paper Coaster

Enjoy those warm evenings outside with this seed paper coaster. After you finish your frosty beverage, just plant, water and enjoy your wildflowers!

Tile Mate

Spend less time looking for your items, and more time enjoying the outdoors! Easily attach this Tile Mate to your keys, backpacks and bags, and use the Bluetooth capability to locate your lost items.

Looking for more ideas? Check out a few of our favorite things here!

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Thanks for being here with us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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