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Hello my little firecracker,

I can’t seem to keep a straight face these days. Summer does that.

When you’re a kid, it’s one long wide swath of freedom, making memories all the while. Family vacations, disregarded bedtimes, visits from cousins and aunties, and great grandmas teaching you to play gin rummy and dominoes.

Then you grow up and you discover that it’s still all this, only now, you also get to throw work into the mix.

One foot covered in sand, the other foot sliding under your desk to launch the next-big-thing. You’re welcoming your in-laws one day and creating a memorable new hire onboarding gift box the next. The photo of your family screaming on the roller coaster shares desk space with the group shot of this year’s interns. The ultimate work life balance!

I hope your list of summer magic is as long and varied as the Red Rover team’s has been—we can each take a turn, telling you about hosting a wedding, officiating at that wedding, camping on a super thick air mattress, heading to Bermuda, moving into a new house, tasting a little wine, and fishing, fishing, fishing. And YOU. Because while we love the grass between our toes, you’re the raspberries on our vines, the sugar in our lemonade, and the s’mores marshmallow strings stuck to our chins.

And now, carry on. Go back to summer. Make some memories.

We’ll see you soon,

Laura Martin, President | Red Rover Promotions
What are your favorite summer memories?


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Keeping You in the Loop
Rover's Corner

Dear Rover,

As we enter into the last month of the summer, I am really looking to close out the season in a meaningful way. I want to create some fun memories for our teams, new and old, and make sure they know that they’re part of a supportive and caring company. How can I create those warm and fuzzy feelings for everyone?

Nostalgic in Nashville

Dear Nostalgic,

We’re all about the warm and fuzzies over here and love the idea of creating memorable moments with your teams, now and in the future! With the dog days of summer upon us, let us help you create a cool and engaging company event – complete with branded drinkware, sun umbrellas, picnic baskets and functional take home gifts. Maybe a digital photo frame that plays the event memories over and over! And let’s not forget about your new hires. Let’s customize their onboarding experience so they immediately feel part of them team.

We’ll have everyone feeling cool and fuzzy in this summer heat in no time!

With love,
Your pal, Rover (woof!)

Stay Cool and Trendy

round towel

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picnic basket

Making special memories is easy with this picnic basket turned table! Carry your beverages, glasses and snacks, and then with a simple flick, set up your picnic on your portable table. All-in-one ease!

digital photo frame

Show off your favorite memories with this sleek digital photo frame. View photos and videos and listen to music for a trip down memory lane every time.

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Well, it’s been lovely catching up!

We hope you found a smile, a new idea, food for thought, and a few minutes away from whatever is pulling at your sleeve today.

Thanks for being here with us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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