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I loved the last day of school…

A three-hour windup that held the promise of summer: games and songs and no agenda, a vacation reading log waiting to be filled to overflowing, and an ice cream sandwich offered on the way out the classroom door. The freedom was palpable.

But before the first skinned knee of June scabbed over, I’d already started imagining fourth grade. What would lie beyond multiplication tables? Who would my teacher be? Would Phillip Smith discover my allure? A la Harriet the Spy, I started peeking around the corners, sleuthing to glimpse the future.

It’s still one of my favorite things– peeking around the corners. Stepping out from today to consider what might be coming next. Remaining open, flexible and ready to try something new and uncharted. Something that might make a difference. It’s spotting a retail trend and sourcing it. It’s poring over generational research and learning how it shapes swag preferences (ask us!) It’s attending clients’ industry events to learn more about their businesses and challenges. And often, it’s dreaming up a “what if we could” and then watching our amazing team figure out how to make it happen.

Peeking around corners is what led us to develop shipment tracking software that flags problem shipments before FedEx ever admits there’s a glitch. It’s how we began building platforms to help marketing teams manage inventory and get just the right stuff exactly where and when they need it. A simple peek around the corner, and next thing you know, Carrie’s built the automations and Auni, Danielle and Heather have implemented them. Fancy tricks at every turn!

Sometimes peeking around those corners feels a little silly. You glance back and realize you’ve strayed away from your pack. Old familiar voices warn you that you’d better stop your foolishness, that it will never work, but when you trust yourself, the view ahead gets clearer and clearer. It’s wild and uncharted and alone. And then, you realize the magic. That their fears aren’t yours. That their rules aren’t yours, and that’s when you discover a freedom that far surpasses anything you felt while running home on that last day of school.

For the record, Phillip Smith never liked me. and I spent much of the next school year incorrectly mapping the lakes, rivers and mountain ranges of California. But I was also chosen to go from classroom to classroom gathering the lunch count so the cafeteria ladies knew how much Salisbury steak and apple crisp they’d be dishing up at noon. Better than I’d ever dreamed.

Keep peeking around the corners,

Laura Martin, President | Red Rover Promotions

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Keeping You in the Loop
Rover's Corner

Dear Rover,

We are having a hard time attracting attendees to our booth these days. We’ve been ordering the same branded items forever, and attendees would magically stop by and be excited to take our pens.

What can we do to get more foot traffic at our booth?

Stumped in Seattle


Dear Stumped,

Have you tried giving everyone treats? I love treats! In all seriousness, let’s find a way to get attendees excited about your booth before they even see it. Floor graphics that lead to your booth, crazy light up cowboy hats with your logo that everyone is walking around wearing, the promise of scratch off tickets and the chance to win a big prize teased on your company’s LinkedIn page… the options are endless.

We’ll help you peek around the corner and come up with ways to make your booth the most attractive. And don’t worry, we’ll always meet your in-hands date. With a simple flick of our wands, we can work magic under any timeline!

With love,
Your pal, Rover (woof!)

Take a peek with a QR code!

Air plants in welcome bags

Spot the QR code! Inspire your customers with easy-to-access daily affirmations through a QR code. Air plants are beautiful to look at and with quick access to motivational content, this giveaway is unforgettable. Link your welcome bags to your event agenda. And when the event is done, update the website with pictures of the event so the great memories can live on. We’re just getting started.

mysterious footprints

Mysterious footprints throughout the expo hall that lead you on a QR code scavenger hunt? Sign me up! The end game takes your customers right to your booth and they’re loving their trip there.

Scratch and Win Game corporate promotions

Who doesn’t love the thrill of a scratch off ticket?! Engage your customers further through a QR code that can lead them to more opportunities to win. A random winner picked from all who sign up for your newsletter maybe?

Looking for more ideas? Check out a few of our favorite things here!

Red Rover Promotions

We love researching your next perfect item, but in the spirit of peeking around corners, you are always welcome to take a peek on your own! Check out our Product Search, and feel free to reach out so we can help you narrow it down. Happy shopping!

Well, it’s been lovely catching up!

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