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The school bell rings,

the football’s kicked end over end, and just like that, we’re settled back at our desks, sitting up straight, sunny vacations in the rearview mirror. Flip flops clinging to their glory days, while sweaters and space heaters jockey for pole position. And once I pull my favorite pompom beanie down over my ears, I know what’s coming up right around the corner. And I’m not ever quite ready.

I love the holiday season once it arrives and happily join in the singing and eating and giving and snuggling, but it always takes me a minute. Or two.

But truth is, wrapping paper, tinsel, celebrations of light, and high-octane calorie consumption aren’t very far away, especially in Red Rover years. Especially when UPS and FedEx are about to get cranky and temperamental. When slow boats are even slower if
dock workers and customs agents are out of sorts. When everyone is clamoring for the same limited supply of YETI or Stanley or Patagonia or Beanie Babies, or whatever is topping the get-it-now-or-get-it-never-don’t-disappoint-them-list.

So, here’s the nudge. Know we’re always here to bring ease and delight to your holiday giving, and make sure your inbox is filled with heartfelt thank yous.

We can store everything til the time is right. Start now while there’s time to make sure it’s magical. And drama free. We can customize it, wrap it, and deliver it, while you deal with all the end of year stuff that will show up on your Q4 plate.

So, please don’t put on an ugly sweater just yet. Don’t make the place cards for your family’s Thanksgiving dinner. And speaking for myself, viva la flip flops for just a few more days.

Here’s your reminder to peek around the corner just long enough to imagine how relaxed you’ll be when you’ve made time to get ahead of the holiday curve, found the perfect treasures and have them ready to give. And maybe this year, when the calendar flips to December, you’ll be cool as a cranberry, singing and eating and giving and snuggling.

Wishing you a magical season,

Laura Martin, President | Red Rover Promotions
We’re so excited to welcome a new member to the Red Rover team. You’ll find Amanda busy behind the scenes helping generate creative ideas for your next project, whipping up artwork, and always looking for the next way for us to bring you ease, authenticity and delight.
Keeping You in the Loop

Learn more about Amanda, and the whole Red Rover team, HERE!

Rover's Corner

Dear Rover,

I am ready to take the holiday season by storm and want to start my gifting planning now. But being part of such a large company makes it impossible every year to find something that will please everyone. Do you have any items to suggest that will make recipients across the globe feel as festive as I do?

Festive in Phoenix

Dear Festive,

Why pick just one item?! You’re right, you’ll never be able to please everyone! Let us build you a completely custom gifting platform, where we’ll work together like elves in a workshop to pick an assortment of different items. Simply share the platform out to your recipients, and let them pick what they’d like to receive, (I promise, they’ll have trouble picking just one!) Once all orders are received, we’ll close the portal and get to the magic.

Not only can we help you find the perfect gifts, but we’ll make sure they arrive in festive fun. From personalized notecards to custom tissue paper and boxing, each gift choice will arrive to your office, or on individual doorsteps, bringing holiday cheer. This is the kind of stuff we wait for all year long.

See an example of a gifting portal here and let’s connect soon!

With love,
Your pal, Rover (woof!)

We’re Making a List

ember mug

When the cold weather approaches, you’ll want a cozy drink to keep you warm. An ember mug is a stocking stuffer must, allowing you to set your perfect drinking temperature.


Simple, usable, and a crowd favorite. Keep those toes warm with a toasty pair of socks – totally customizable from top to…toe!


Pick your favorite snack, a vanilla cookie maybe, and enjoy some relaxation under a warm blanket. This cable knit blanket is perfect for any decor!

Looking for more holiday inspiration? Find some magic by clicking here!

Well, it’s been lovely catching up!

We hope you found a smile, a new idea, food for thought, and a few minutes away from whatever is pulling at your sleeve today.

Thanks for being here with us. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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picking apples

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