Pens. Simple? Obvious? They just get stolen anyway? We disagree. You WANT those pens to walk away. It’s a high compliment.

(We’ve been writing about the humble pen since 2012. Check it out.)

Your pens tell a lot about your company. Are you dependable? Elegant? Trendy? Flashy? (Heaven forbid) Cheap? Flimsy? About to spring their guts or simply collapse beneath the weight of a vehement exclamation point?

We know you care deeply. So do we. Please allow us to introduce you to a few of our favorite writing instruments. From value priced to luxurious, we’re certain even John Hancock would be impressed.

1. All time client favorite

Lovely Lavonne Stylus Under $1.00. Hybrid ink provides a surprisingly smooth writing experience, and the colors make our heart sing. The coordinating stylus adds a fun twist. We love a pen that makes people talk, and this one does. The click mechanism is in the clip, not the stylus top, and it’s always worth an ooh and aah as people discover (then adore) its operation. An all time client favorite.

Lavonne Soft Pen
Lavonne Pastel Pen
Lavonne Chrome Pen

2. Luxury at your fingertips

Waterford Metro $56.00 This one speaks for itself. The tailored, easy to use, and beautiful. Its spring-loaded clip holds it securely. Twist-action brass ballpoint with chrome-plated finish and polished goldtone points and trim. In an elegant black piano finish wood gift box. Of course.

Waterford Pen

3. When the occasion calls for it

We Belong Pen $8.50 Laura’s fought for years not to lose her sample of this little gem. Last week her dear husband came close to absconding but she swiftly wrestled it from his clutches. While other pens look similar, we’ve found nothing that feels like this. Silent and smooth twist action pen (none of that metal on metal sound that sends me running for the hills), it writes like a dream. The enamel surface is elegant, and perfectly tapered for a comfortable fit. Gift worthy. But you might have to fight for it.

We Belong Pen

4. When the occasion calls for it, Part 2

Mellow Pen $2.30 Coming in as a happy lookalike to the We Belong pen, this one is definitely work a look. Hybrid ink, gorgeous enamel body, nice weight, smooth twist style, yet easier on the budget.

5. When the occasion calls for it, Part 3

Premiere Pen $2.30 So snazzy, with a satin finish, European styling (ooh-la-la), with a firm click action, and smooth hybrid anti-fraud ink. This is another winner in the reorder category, and we love its tightrope walk between value-priced pens and its fancy-schmancy rivals.

6. Innovative Comfort

Tripleplay $2.40 Three sides to imprint, soft touch, hybrid ink, so comfortable. A newfound favorite at Red Rover.

7. Sentimental Favorite

Auld Lang Syne $1.21 This one earns a place on the list because it’s the first pen Red Rover ever put its logo on. We love it for its smooth hybrid ink, metal touches on the comfortable grip, and that it looks more expensive than it is.

auld lang syne pen

8. Budget-Friendly Crowd pleasers

Boni Pen $.86 When a client orders a pen over and over again, we know it’s a winner. Hearing “Everyone loves them”, “They make us look good”, and “Oh no, we’re almost out!”, is music to our ears. Add a great price point, and you can keep smiling when the pen cup needs refilling.

Jeffris Pen $.60 Prices have gone up a little since I wrote that pen article in 2012, but this is the one that started it all. A really great pen at a really great price. I promise, there are a lot of miserable options for the same amount of money. Get this one instead. #noregrets.

boni pen

9. Who said it had to be a pen?

Tres Continental $.47 Black matte body. Black core. Black lead. Black eraser. Black ferule (the metal part that holds the eraser. Who knew????). You’ll never see a more beautiful pencil. And, let me ask you. Have you ever thrown away a pencil? That’s what I thought.

Not quite what you had in mind? That’s okay. We have more opinions (and options) where this one came from. Just ask. We’re here.