Research says most people own nine logo’d bottles and mugs. Since most people only drink from one at a time, it seems important your brand is the one that’s front and center. This list is full of inspiring favorites they’ll reach for every time.

Consider breaking away from corporate colors and choose something they’ll love whether they’re in the office or at home. It’s a trend we’re loving!

Gates Tumbler $17.50 16oz Double wall copper lined tumbler with a synthetic cork base means cold stays cold, hot stays hot, it looks great, and your furniture stays protected. Bingo.

Gates Tumbler

Repeat Bottle $19.00 We love the soft colors and Architectural Digest-worthy design. It makes this double wall copper lined bottle at home wherever your workday finds you.

Repeat Bottle

Seaglass Beauty $19.00 18 oz Single wall borosilicate glass bottle (I’d never heard of this, have you? It’s my vocabulary word of the month) with your brand etched and stunning. Keep them hydrated and happy.

Seaglass Beauty

Short Shot $13.00 This little 9oz number will work with a Keurig or hosting your favorite cocktail. Stainless Steel, double wall. (With a squeeze of lemon, please.)

Short Shot Tumblers

Road Trip $17.50 24oz Powder coated stainless steel with a threaded swing top lid, copper vacuum insulation, and a stainless steel base, we’d take this anywhere. Want to come along?

Road Trip Bottle

Mineola $7.00 14oz of fun. Treat yourself to a mug dipped in gold or silver. Add your logo in the same metallic tones, and you’ve got something really special. Fancy schmancy!


Avila Tumbler $11.00 This little 12 oz tumbler will keep your drink cold for 24 hours or hot for 12. We love the easy to transport size, rubber seal lid and the silicone carry loop. Great color options too.

Avila Tumbler
Avila Tumbler

Corkcicle Canteen From $70.00 When people hear “Corkcicle”, their ears perk up. This 25oz canteen can go everywhere the bottle can’t—ice for days! Triple insulated, vacuum sealed with easy grip sides, a no slip bottom, and wide mouth for ice cubes. What detail’s been missed? None.

Corkcicle Canteen

Corkcicle Stemless From $40.00 The side of the gift box says, “Drink Well”. Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Corkcicle Stemless

Muggo – $135.00-$180.00 We were introduced to these recently and it was love at first sight. Set your perfect temp, USB charge the battery, and you’re good to go for three hours. Or, keep it on the coaster and you’re set for the day. Yes, we can add your logo. Subtly of course!

Muggo and LED Readout
Muggo and Charger
Whether one of these strikes a chord or you’d like to wet your whistle with some other options, you know where to find us. Whatever your budget, whatever your style, we’ll make sure you’re the hydration hero you’ve always dreamed of being.