The Shirt On Your Back

My daughter wandered in last night wearing a lacy dress with an old screen-printed sweatshirt over it. I mean really old. If it was a car it would have classic plates. Across the front of the royal blue crewneck are plastered the words, “WORKING PRESS”. She loves that shirt and wears it way too often. This is a lace and flowers and high heels girl. But when Carly needs a cozy bit of security, that’s her go-to, broken-in favorite.

You know what I’m talking about. You’ve got one too. Maybe it’s the really soft t-shirt you were given when you volunteered at a chili cook-off or the perfectly fitting cap from your employer three resume updates ago. It’s whatever you grab when comfort’s king.

That soft, perfectly fitting shirt was chosen with intent. That cap went on a few heads before they ordered 3000 of them. There were branding goals attached to those purchases. It’s no accident that you’re still promoting those brands, while all the misshapen bargain tees and hats you’ve accumulated are long lost to the annals of your bottom drawer or the nearest charity bin.

Whose brand is benefiting from the marketing dollars intentionally allocated all those fiscal years ago? Whose logo are you promoting for every time you walk out the door? Wouldn‘t it be great if it was yours?

I was on a date in 1988. I got cold, and was chivalrously offered a royal blue crewneck sweatshirt. The guy never called again, so as fate would have it, I ended up with a really cozy sweatshirt that I wore until my daughter swiped it from my wardrobe. “WORKING PRESS”, it says across the front. No logo though. Too bad.