The world moves fast. Our fingers fly across keyboards. Technology takes us everywhere we need to go. Or so it seems.

Something changes when you get a new journal. You run your fingers across the cover. Was poetic about how you’re on our computers and phone all day, and miss using paper. About writing a book someday, or about taking this empty book on vacation. (We know you.)

Here are a few of our favorites. From value priced to mission-based to luxurious. Take a gander.

Pace Journal— $3.75. Don’t let the low price mislead you. This gem deserves a second look. Its elastic band will hold both your phone and pen, and has fast become a client favorite. (5.5” x 8.25” 80 sheets)

Pace Journal

Austria Journal— $7.15. Add a full color insert page to explain your program, your agenda, your point of view, your initiative. Or perhaps a pen. Or a belly band to make it gift worthy. Or leave it just as it it. The debossed cover, elastic privacy band, satin ribbon, and pen loop make this an easy choice. Comes in 8 great colors (5” x 7” 72 sheets).

Austria Journal

Popping Color Journal–$9.45. Another chance to add a tip-in page or belly band if you’d like. This one makes us smile every time. Dignity, plus just the right amount of cheekiness. (5.5” x 8.25” 96 sheets)

Popping Color Journal
Popping Color Journal

Window to Possibilities— $14.40. The window is custom shaped. You designed it (We helped. But no one needs to know that.) The page behind the window is filled with your custom content. The creative journal starts now. Tons of color combinations. (7” x 10” 100 sheets)

Window to Possibilities Journal
Window to Possibilities Journal

Denik: From $6.60 to $13.00. These journals helps bring art education to the world. To date, they’ve built schools in Ghana, Laos, Guatamala and Mali. Their slogan is “Art Can Change the World”. We don’t disagree. Whether you’d like a skinny commuter notebook (a trendy favorite) or a lay flat journal, their soft touch covers can display your custom creation, or simply add your logo to one of their inspiring stock designs. Custom printed pages? Just ask.

Denik Journal

Wooden Journal: $31.00. This beautiful flexible cover journal is made from real wood, bringing uniqueness to each book that only nature can provide. Choose from Cherry, Cedar or Walnut. Each (7” x 10” 100 sheets).

Customizable Wooden Journal

Rocketbook: From about $30.00 If technology is calling your name, here’s the hybrid. Make your notes, upload, categorize,and collaborate. So much possibility.

Rocketbook Journal
As always, there are thousands more where these came from, so if you’re still seeking creative inspiration, we can help. Call us on over.