1. Have you ever bought anything listed in an “Our Favorite Things” magazine article? Neither have we. It’s a bunch of random stuff curated either to satisfy advertisers or simply generate editorial content.
    Moral: As in life, employee holiday gift and corporate gift giving isn’t this simple.
  2. Long before ugly Christmas Sweaters took their place in pop culture, this was actual apparel purchased by aging aunties with hard-earned money in earnest.
    Moral: One person’s joke is another person’s good intention.
  3. If you hate all 5 ideas, you might accidentally give cash. Quickest way to make sure your employee sees the monetary value you’ve assigned them, uses it for groceries or other holiday gifts, and doesn’t have warm feelings about you as an employer. Same for gift cards. Don’t do it.
    Moral: Giving money is worse than a waste of money.
  4. Just because it’s “hot” doesn’t make it the right gift. Not everyone wants a Yeti, nor a fidget spinner, nor a backpack. This is a big deal and deserves some deep consideration. Your people matter.
    Moral: Don’t be a sheep.
  5. The 5 best ideas for your company aren’t the same as the 5 best ideas for any of our other clients. (We do have 5 great ideas for YOUR company, but it will take some conversation for us to arrive at those recommendations. And wow, your staff is going to love them.)
    Moral: One size doesn’t fit all. Take off that ugly sweater.