Have you ever found yourself buying logo’d merchandise just to have something to give away—feeling like it’s something you’ve got to do, but with no real plan? Maybe you’ve ordered on line and been disappointed in what arrived. Maybe you just keep buying what you bought last time because it’s easy.

If any of this sounds familiar, consider changing the way you view promotional products. Instead of a necessary expense, these items have the capability to be a valuable part of your advertising program. Before you buy anything, review these 5 inherent strengths of promotional products:

  1. Unlike other advertising mediums, distribution is bull’s-eye targeted, going only where you want it to go, when you want it to go there, so there is little to no waste.
  2. A promotional product provides long term advertising value. It can continue promoting a company for years after it’s been given away. As long as it’s in use, it’s doing its job.
  3. The medium becomes the message, and when a medium becomes the message, it creates a terrific memory hook. (plop a flashlight on desk and it’s a trinket. Put it in a cello bag with tissue and a bow and note that says, “We love shedding light on your fill-in-the-blank needs”, and you’ve created a memory hook.)
  4. It’s a tremendous vehicle of goodwill. When used correctly, as a show of appreciation, it provides goodwill every time the recipient sees it. Remember the Beach Boys song, “Good Vibrations”? They were probably talking about promotional merchandise.
  5. Promotional products provide an unspoken endorsement. When someone uses or wears a promotional product, it is implied that they like and support the company who provided the item. The calendar on the wall, the coffee mug on your desk…everyone who sees it assumes you’re a fan of the gifter.

Next time you’re about to “buy some stuff”, stop yourself and ask “why?” If you’re not quite sure of the answer, take a few minutes to call your favorite branded merchandise consultant—they’ll help you find product solutions that will maximize the unique advertising value of your investment!