Employee Holiday Gift

The Top 5 Reasons Red Rover Promotions Won’t Publish a Top 5 Employee Holiday Gift List

Have you ever bought anything listed in an “Our Favorite Things” magazine article? Neither have we. It’s a bunch of random stuff curated either to satisfy advertisers or simply generate editorial content. Moral: As in life, employee holiday gift and corporate gift giving isn’t this simple. Long before ugly Christmas Sweaters took their place in […]

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Why Use Promotional Products?

Have you ever found yourself buying logo’d merchandise  just to have something to give away—feeling like it’s something you’ve got to do, but with no real plan? Maybe you’ve ordered on line and been disappointed in what arrived. Maybe you just keep buying what you bought last time because it’s easy. If any of this […]


Case Study Three

When you want to draw a crowd A client was heading out to a huge industry trade show in Las Vegas. This global company is famous for their core product, but had recently added something new they were eager to showcase.  They called, anxious to draw crowds to their booth so they could tell their […]

Case Study Two

The Shirt On Your Back My daughter wandered in last night wearing a lacy dress with an old screen printed sweatshirt over it. I mean really old. If it was a car it would have classic plates. Across the front of the royal blue crewneck are plastered the words, “WORKING PRESS”. She loves that shirt […]


Case Study One

A Tale of Two Pens… Fact: A lousy promotional product costs a lot more than a brilliant one. No matter what. Once upon a time, there were two pen orders. Both orders were for 1000 pens that cost $.52 each. That’s where the similarity (and the math) ends. Read on… 1000 Scratchy Pens:  $.52 each. […]