Our Passion

You’re why we get up in the morning. We know that when used properly, promotional products are a brilliantly effective advertising medium. We live to prove it.

Our Philosophy

Work hard, have fun, and run like the wind. Make the world a better place for those who meet you: lighten a load, inspire a smile, and have integrity in all things

Our Promise

We’ll always give you our heart and soul. The best of our brains, our creativity, our resources, our energy, and our genuine desire for your success.

Meet Red Rover

It all started when a very little girl loudly touted the unique benefits of the bar of soap sharing her space in the bathtub. Though she never found fame in the footlights (nor the burlesque), the rest is history.

One Advertising degree later, years of outside sales experience where she often was armed with irrelevant stuff to give away (did I just say that out loud?), a firm belief that anything “they” could do, she could do better, and next thing you know Red Rover Promotions was born. From Fortune 500 clients to ambitious start-ups, and all points in between, our clients share one thing in common: they believe that the right promotional merchandise can positively impact their business goals, and they trust Red Rover to deliver results-- brilliantly, on time, and with a whole lot of heart.

The way we look at it, we don’t sell stuff. We tout your brand, and we use merchandise to do it. There’s a big difference and we’re proud of it. Branded merchandise with a purpose. Call us on over.


Our clients make us blush

When I was 15 I went through a huge Smashing Pumpkins phase…Something about that odd rock band with the bald vocalist just really spoke to me. … There is a song called “Cupid de Locke” in which Billy Corgan talks about star crossed lovers…which is exactly what popped into my head when I began this email.   You are my business soul mate. (Thanks suit and tie Cupid!) …. So this is where I call in your area of expertise….I need to find something…that is good for men, women, plant workers, and corporate workers …obviously I am bad at this… Thanks for being my star crossed buddy.

G.E. –Human Relations Representative, Major Processing Company

Outstanding experience for us, Laura! You guys were great every step of the way! Look forward to many more. Thanks for the detailed reports and learnings.”


It was amazing – thank you! We got SO many compliments on the mints, they were really a hit and it was great to see folks enjoying them during all the meetings. I also wanted to thank you for your attention to detail – each one was perfectly tied with the brochure facing the proper direction and the logos all showing on the bow – I was really so impressed with that extra effort! Thanks again.